Soul Muppet Publishing

This waterfall marks the border of the Kingdom. It makes no sound. What lies beyond?
An antipastoral pointcrawl set in the vagrant hills in the borderlands where no good men dwell.
An ex-nautical hexcrawl set in the basin of a drained ocean
Investigate witches in a dreary, depressing rural backwater county
Venture to this haunted archipelago to face battling othersupernatural factions
A toolbox for procedurally generating a post-Classical hexcrawl haunted by ancient monster lineages
Explore the mangrove-warrened coastlands of Ethland
All the one page dungeons an aspiring Doomsayer could need and the rules to run them with.
A B/X Fantasy Horror adventure that tells a Tale As Old As Time
A folded-A4 Best Left Buried Crypt for #Cryptjam