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There are things that dwell in the Crypt, and some are Best Left Buried

Best Left Buried is a fantasy horror game where the monsters are scary and the players are scared. Within the Crypt, these adventurers will be beset by strange monsters, bizarre environments and eldritch magics, which will take them on their journey from fresh faced recruits to grizzled survivors.

This collection of five zinis covers the following topics in a new, ultra lightweight format to minimise page flipping and act as the perfect reference document:

- Character Creation

- Advancements

- Playing The Game

- Consequences

- Monsters

This version of the game is designed to be printed at home, so you can turn up to game night without requiring a book. They can also be given to new players, so they know what they need to know, when they need to know it.

If you like this product, have a look at the Cryptdigger's Guide, which contains all of the info in these zinis as well as more stunning art by Ben Brown. Best Left Buried can be played with just the zinis, but you'll be better of grabbing the Cryptdigger's and Doomsayer's Guide as well.


BLB - Zini Edition .zip 2 MB


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Excellent system with a ton of flavor!

An excellent rules-light. The deadliest combat system I know.